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Only with Pinnacle, can you get tilt & turn windows that have guarantees on quality, price and service!

With engineering and manufacturing techniques advancing, home improvement products are now appearing that are transforming how our homes look and how we use them.

One such breakthrough is Tilt and Turn windows. Able to be opened both partially and fully, Tilt and Turn windows enable you to allow fresh air to enter your home whilst remaining secure and ensuring they are inaccessible from the outside. Incredibly versatile, these fantastic windows can also have their design reversed; meaning you can choose whether they open inwards or outwards.

Convenient easy cleaning

uPVC tilt and turn windows are the perfect choice for easy maintenance, as you can clean the whole window and frame from inside your house without climbing a ladder.

A simple half-turn of the handle allows the window to swing inwards from the side hinges so the frame and glass can be cleaned from inside your home.

The inwards opening mechanism also means Pinnacle uPVC tilt and turn windows adhere to regional building regulations where windows above the second floor can be cleaned without the need for leaning out of the opening.

Optimum ventilation

Optimum ventilation that doesn’t compromise on security.

A 180 degree turn of the handle provides a tilt to the window which is secured by a tilt restrictor – creating a large enough gap for fresh air to circulate into the room but not large enough for access from outside.

Security is further enhanced with our multi-point locking system, galvanised steel reinforcement which adds rigidity to the sash and internal glazing beads that prevent removal of the glazing from outside of your property.

Variety of colour finishes

Pinnacle uPVC tilt and turn windows come in many coloured finishes. To add some extra style, choose a different colour on the inside and outside frame to complement your homes exterior and interior décor. Pinnacle also offer traditional framing options to ensure your window frames match on both sides which gives a symmetrical design.

While contemporary framing allows the glass panes and window openings to vary in size, giving your windows a modern, sleek look. It’s also possible to give Everest Upvc tilt and turn windows more traditional appeal by adding internal or external Georgian bars in a range of colours.

Tilt & Turn Windows

A selection of Sliding Sash Windows from our works gallery.

Buyers guide

A step-by-step guide to finding the perfect Double Glazed, Triple Glazed of Tilt & Turn Window.

Pinnacles replacement windows Keep your home safe and secure

Making sure you and your family feel safe in your home is always a priority, which is why we only supply the very best in security windows. Our windows are rigorously tested and are so secure they qualifying for Secured by Design – the official police security initiative.

You will no doubt be lured by the attractiveness of a window, but the functionality of the window is equally as important. We offer windows that function in many ways such as Casement, sash and tilt & turn windows and after using them you may find that you have a preference for a certain type of design. How the window operates will be significant in terms of ventilation.

Suffering with expensive energy bills? There’s a good chance that the windows you currently have installed are responsible and letting in cold air and need replacing. The installation of contemporary windows will solve the problem as they will prevent leakages and heat loss, resulting in a far more affordable fuel bill at the end of every month. You can also expect a warmer household around the clock.

You understandably expect value for money when purchasing brand new windows and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Pinnacle and to prove it we supply every window we sell with a long-term guarantee. We urge you to give it a thorough read as stated within the guarantee is mention that some small remedial adjustments may have to be made further down the line so that the window performance is never in doubt.

Pinnacles windows are A+ energy rated as standard.

Are you Suffering with expensive energy bills? There’s a good chance that the windows you currently have installed are responsible for letting in draughts and cold air showing they need replacing. The installation of Pinnacle windows will solve the problem as they will prevent leakages and heat loss, resulting in a far more affordable fuel bill at the end of every month. You can also expect a warmer household for years to come.

In addition to making your home secure and warm Pinnacle windows can also add style to your home. Our casement windows are available in Upvc or aluminium we also offer a range of colours to make your windows unique to your home. All of our windows are made to measure for a perfect fit so your new windows will fit seamlessly to your home.

Plain glass is the most obvious glazing solution but there are further options if you fancy achieving a different look or want to drive down the cost of energy bills as much as you can. Those seeking energy savings should consider our Energy Rated Windows as an ‘A’ rated window will hugely improve your homes energy efficiency. Add good looksof the windows by opting for leaded glass or georgian bars.

Privacy Glazing – As soon as that front door shuts and you enter your home, you understandably expect a little bit of privacy. If you’re put off by prying eyes and want to greater privacy to the inside of your home from the outside world then we recommend you check out privacy glazing. Despite its purpose, sunlight will still be able to pass through the glass so that your interior never feels dark and uninviting.

You can never go wrong with choosing a traditional white UPVC window as it’s a timeless classic sure to keep your home on trend for good, but sometimes it nice to be different. We can now produce UPVC windows in an array of colours, some that you probably wouldn’t expect to see such as Chartwell Green, which sits alongside finishes of Grey and Oak.

Pinnacles Aluminium Windows look so authentic and genuine because we use a powder-coating process which gives it that natural texture and feel. For those wanting an aluminium window with a wood-type effect, we can provide windows in selection of wood finishes and you will be taken surprised by how close it looks to real timber.

Pinnacle Price Promise – if you can find the same Products and service cheaper elsewhere within 14 days, we’ll refund double the difference!

Comprehensive guarantee – we have so much confidence in our products, that we offer a guarantee on our products including moving and non-moving parts

Free Annual Maintenance Checks – every 12 months for the first 2 years we’ll make sure things are as they should be and if they’re not, we’ll fix it.

Dedicated Project Manager – you’ll have a single point of contact from the moment you purchase our product, who will always be available to keep you up to date throughout your project.

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