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Pinnacle Home Improvements

Our replacement windows

Only Pinnacle bring you the finest double glazing, triple glazing or casement windows.

Every window has a lifespan. Once that lifespan has been reached it is important that you find an appropriate replacement which can sometimes be difficult. Not so difficult when you buy from Pinnacle as we have one of the most comprehensive window selections you could imagine.

Whatever styling or finish you need, we will have a window solution that fits the bill. You only need to speak to a member of our team for assistance.

A Pinnacle Stands apart from others because our windows are warmer, cooler, quieter, safer, easier and perform whatever your needs.

Our range of windows will look great for any property, of any age and our A+ energy rated windows now come with enhanced security promising to give you total peace of mind. Pinnacles attention to detail means we are the perfect choice for any property, whether you are looking for traditional looks or the best of modern design.

For a complete understanding of how each window style can benefit you – simply explore our window range below

Casement windows

Casement windows combine classic design with versatility. Pinnacle casement windows continue to be one of the most popular range of windows available today. 

Bay & Bow windows

Bay & Bow windows are perhaps one of the most recognisable types of window available. Easily matched to any style of home, bay windows are both versatile and practical.

Sliding Sash windows

Sliding sash windows are still a popular option in our homes today, incredibly versatile making them the perfect choice for people wanting a traditional look for their home.

Tilt & Turn windows

uPVC tilt and turn windows are the perfect choice for easy maintenance, as you can clean the whole window and frame from inside your house without climbing a ladder.

Get in touch

  • At  Pinnacle we offer a vast range of impressive services and we encourage you to contact us or book an appointment so you can take a look in the comfort of your own home and we can be there to answer any of your questions you may have about your project and discuss what we can do for you.