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The Finest Orangeries by Pinnacle

A Pinnacle orangery is a bespoke extension to your living space, adding a creative and personal feature that’s exactly you and your lifestyle.

Orangeries are a beautiful extension to any home, traditionally taking on the existing features and expanding on them to create a seamless connection from indoors to outdoors. These spaces are wonderfully light and airy in the summer months, then cosy and inviting as winter closes in.

Aluminium is all about Clean sightlines and maximum glass areas…

Aluminium-built orangeries have really taken off in the past few years as people have latched onto how strong and durable aluminium home improvements are.

Another of its selling points is its ability to be moulded into an extremely slim profile, enabling a large expanse of glass to be integrated into the frames, leading to a more readily transportation of natural sunlight into the structure.

It can also be applied with both a powder-coated finish and sublimated woodgrain effect.

UPVC is low maintenance, long lasting and very affordable…

The level of energy efficiency provided by a UPVC frame is one of the key reasons why so homeowners select it as their preferred building material. It also has all the ingredients needs to prevent heat loss and draughts and because it’s maintenance-free it does away with any need for constant cleaning or repair.

The contours you see in the frame have been created by specially assimilating them into the profile.


A selection of Orangeries from our works gallery.

Features and benefits

Our design consultants are the best around when it comes to pointing buyers in all the right directions so sit down with them and tell them exactly what you want as they’ll make your dreams a reality.

Connect your orangery to your garden…

Door integration is something you may want to contemplate when undertaking the design process with our highly experience team of consultants.

There are several door types that can be implemented including the French Door, Patio Door and Bi-Folding Door.

Your choice really depends upon which form of opening you like best and what you are guaranteed of when opting for any of the three door options is a secure solution that will seal off your orangery in style.

Change the dimension of your orangery with a stylish bi-folding door…

There’s no more eye-catching door than the Bi-Folding door which is an absolute revelation in terms of contemporary design. It will split the boundary between your orangery and garden in a way you could never have imagined and it just exudes class.

Patio door is is perfect if you are short on space…

You will know in your mind exactly what will need to be accommodated inside the orangery prior to its installation. If you want to ensure that a generous floor space is maintained at all times then a sliding patio door may be to your advantage as it will make the structure seemingly feel larger than it is actually is. The natural sunlight that passes through it will also create an air of spaciousness.

Add a little Practicality to your orangery by having French Doors…

A conventional door only offers half the benefits of a French Door as it contains a double opening, drawing in two-times the amount of natural sunlight and ventilation when opened and closed. They’re particularly good at joining together a home extension with a patio or decked area for those who like to spend their time outside when the weather’s good.

Your orangery needs to be a comfortable living space…

Our orangeries can accommodate two forms of glass glazed roof; the Classic Roof and the Lantern Roof. Those seeking subtlety will be attracted by the modest, yet highly stimulating appearance of a Classic Roof The Lantern Roof is appealing to anyone seeking a roof that airs on the more sophisticated side. Each roofing option has been designed with an enormous amount of detailing.

The roof is as important as anything else…

You won’t find a simpler looking option than the Classic Roof, but just because it has an unfussy appearance doesn’t mean that it won’t make a huge visual impact. It can accommodate a huge expanse of glass and be crafted bespoke for those needing a roof that fits seamlessly on top of a complex or conventional shaped orangery. You couldn’t wish for a more reliable roof as it has proven time and time again that it has adeptness for provided unrivalled durability.

The presence of one or more Lantern Roofs…

The Lantern Roof, or how it’s sometimes referred to, the Atrium Roof, was a common feature in the first orangeries that existed. On the surface they have been somewhat radically transformed from their previous guise, largely due to modern technology and contemporary innovation, helping them perform to a far greater level than their original design. It will sit so comfortably on top of your orangery and create a major talking point amongst any guests you invite inside

Tiled Roof

Choice all year round living with a tiled roofed orangery…

Solid roof orangeries can still be bright and airy places, and particularly so when the plasterboard internal finish is painted in a colour which reflects natural daylight around the room extension. Solid roofs for orangeries are not just designed to enhance appearance and kerb appeal; they also make an orangery more usable and enjoyable for the whole family, all year round.

Choice all year round living with a tiled roofed orangery…

Solid roof orangeries can still be bright and airy places, and particularly so when the plasterboard internal finish is painted in a colour which reflects natural daylight around the room extension. Solid roofs for orangeries are not just designed to enhance appearance and kerb appeal; they also make an orangery more usable and enjoyable for the whole family, all year round.

Decorate your orangery with colour choices for inside and out…

You don’t have excuse to leave your orangery looking lifeless as the windows and doors can be finished in an assortment of colourful finishes. Of course, roof styling and the frame has to be taken into consideration when choosing a colour, but you will be left with a broad palette to pick from including a number of traditional and modern shades and woodgrain finishes.

Weighing up all the options in the orangery design process includes your preferred coloured finish…

One of the finest qualities that UPVC possesses is its ability to be finished in a huge array of colour choices due to the specially adapted application process undertaken. Traditional favourites White, Cream and Whitegrain are an absolute given, which sit alongside many contemporary coloured creations such as Black, Grey and Chartwell Green.

Aluminium finishes are of the highest quality, and are fade resistant…

Our aluminium colours are so long-lasting and authentic because they each undergo a powder coating process which it gives that all-important natural look and texture. For those on the lookout for a timber-like finish, we use an alternative method called sublimation which helps us create woodgrain offerings in Oak, Walnut and Rosewood.

How you can find and buy the right orangery

Some orangery designs are subject to planning permission & building regulations

Buying an orangery is one of the biggest financial investments you will make in your lifetime so it’s important to get it right.


One of the first considerations to be made is where the orangery is best positioned as this will have an influence on which times of the day the structure receives the most amount of natural sunlight and warm.

A north or east facing orangery will attract the sun early in the day and progressively cool as the day goes on, whilst those facing in a southerly or westerly direction will most come into contact with the sun later in the day at the back end of the afternoon and evening.

It’s location will also help you decide which type of glazing is best utilised.


There’s a good chance that will already have settled upon how you intend to utilise your new orangery and that will in turn help us as it will determine how the design is best shaped and specified.

A square or rectangular design tends to be best if floor space is the main consideration.


For the structure to be as priceless as you’d imagined you need to have it thoroughly accessorised.

If you’re not sure what sort of accessories it might need then you should speak to our design consultants as they will inform you whether e.g. it may benefits from the inclusion of fans and heaters.

Any accessories you do have will be included in the final quote that’s prepared for you.

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