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Resin driveways by Pinnacle

Every single home is different, and we design our driveways with that in mind. Pinnacle Home Improvements can design and lay resin bound driveways for properties around the UK


A selection of Resin driveways from our works gallery.


At Pinnacle you get a driveway that have guarantees on quality, price and service!

Built to last

Although the look of the driveway is what you’ll see every day, it is the parts that you can’t see that are the most important.

At Pinnacle we ensure our driveways are built to last on solid foundations.

Designed to perfection

We spend as much time designing and building the elements underneath the surface as we do creating the shape and design of the driveway itself, ensuring our driveways not only lift the look of your home, but they last for a long time too.

Rich in colour

For colour that lasts, Pinnacle resin Bound Driveways natural stone chippings in many colours which runs through the whole surface, not just on the surface as is the case with many other blocks.


Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, you can complement your driveway with a variety of features – after all, it is the small details that can make a real difference.

Guaranteed for 10 years

We understand that investing in a driveway is a big decision. Our driveways are guaranteed for 10 years on both the materials and the installation, giving you peace of mind with your investment.

Colour options

Every single home is different, and we design our driveways with that in mind. At Pinnacle, we make our driveways using the finest materials and the very latest technology

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You can book a no-obligation appointment online with one of our friendly designers. We will contact you within 24 hours of your chosen appointment date, to reconfirm your appointment with you. During your appointment we will work alongside you in deciding the best choice of product to suit the style and character of your home.