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A Pinnacle solid roof looks immediately at home on an existing conservatory.

Deciding to invest in your home by either extending, or refurbishing existing elements of the property, is often a big decision, and one that will likely involve many more choices in order to realise your vision.

Our replacement tiled roofs for conservatories are manufactured using the latest solid roof tile system and are a great way to revitalise your tired conservatory and restore your pride in it. They are designed primarily as a replacement roof for existing conservatories – Pinnacle can also replace your windows and doors, transforming your conservatory into a more desirable and comfortable place to be, all year round.

Replacement roof

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Features & Benefits

You can’t go wrong with a Pinnacle Solid Tiled Roof

For a conservatory or orangery to be fully functional throughout the year it needs to be properly insulated so that whenever you walk inside it feels cosy.

To get that feeling every time you utilise the space make sure that you ask us to fit a solid roof to the top of the design as it contains a rigid insulation board and insulated plywood.

We call it a solid roof for a reason. It’s because it has a solid feel that will spread to the entire interior of your conservatory or orangery so that it forever feels energy efficient and adds huge amounts of warmth.

Because of its design some natural light will be lost but you can still expect to feel bright and spacious due to the windows and doors.

For the solid roof to be taken seriously as an alternative to a traditional roofing system it was vital that it exhibited many of its aesthetic traits.

Much time and effort has been dedicated towards its appearance so that it exceeds the look of the roof that it is replacing.

The Solid Roof installation process can be conducted quickly and efficiently, meaning minimum disruption is caused at your home. Though simple to fit, it is highly effective once in position.

For an internal finish that has that will make your conservatory really feel like part of your house then plasterboard is definitely the best option.

However, a clad finish will add richness and texture to the inside of the building.

As extras go, centre pivot windows are a must…

We’re not the type of company to hide away from the fact that an element of natural sunlight will be lost inside your conservatory following the fitting of a solid roof.

You shouldn’t let it put you off the idea of adding a solid roof as you can always include one or two roof windows in the solid roof to give the sun a pathway back inside the structure and retain the illusion of extra space. You can also utilise them during the hotter periods of the year as a method of ventilation.

Durability, strength and toughness are all words you can associate with our tiling solutions.

Lightweight Tile – Replacing an old and ineffective conservatory or orangery roof is something you should do as quickly as possible which is why our lightweight tiles will appeal to people in such a predicament as they can be installed speedily.

Lightweight Slate – There’s absolutely no question that traditional slate looks spectacularly good when properly and regularly maintained, but when it reaches the point where it becomes broken and cracked you have a hard job keeping on top of it. Our lightweight slate shares all the aesthetic hallmarks of traditional slate but is more robust and will last longer.

Pinnacle offer a range of colours to complement and enhance your tiled roof…

A deterioration of the finish applied to your Tiled Roof will never become evident as all of our lightweight tiles and lightweight slates contain a weather-resistant colour that will never start to fade away.

They make take a regular battering from the weather but you can rely on them to stand firm and maintain their pleasant exterior with zero effect on performance.

Pinnacle Price Promise – if you can find the same Products and service cheaper elsewhere within 14 days, we’ll refund double the difference!

Comprehensive guarantee – we have so much confidence in our products, that we offer a guarantee on our products including moving and non-moving parts

Free Annual Maintenance Checks – every 12 months for the first 2 years we’ll make sure things are as they should be and if they’re not, we’ll fix it.

Dedicated Project Manager – you’ll have a single point of contact from the moment you purchase our product, who will always be available to keep you up to date throughout your project.

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