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Finest Conservatories by Pinnacle

A Pinnacle conservatory adds value your property on a very many levels. Your imagination and our expertise work together to ensure you a beautifully tailored solution.


Classic conservatories are an essential for those who enjoy simply being at home


What makes a conservatory different to other home extensions is its versatility. Because they can be created to any size and specification, classic conservatories can be installed practically anywhere and matched with every style of home found in the area. As such, your new conservatory can be anything you want it to be from a quiet space in which to relax to an elegant extension or an existing room.

Available in a variety of classic styles, as well as an incredible range of colours, finishes and added extras, we will do everything we can to ensure you get the right look for your home.


Modern conservatories are a stunning yet sympathetic to the existing property


Are you are looking for a more modern contemporary contrast to your home’s existing style, we will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

We offer a no compromise after care service and a Comprehensive guarantee so your new conservatory will continue to look great for years to come.

For more information, simply contact us today and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Turn your Imagination into a reality with a bespoke conservatory design


Our bespoke conservatories provide incredible value for money, we never compromise on the quality of the materials we use or the professionalism of our installation.

At Pinnacle we understand the importance of reputation. That is why we ensure all of our customers are fully satisfied.

This includes providing a comprehensive guarantee as well as free annual maintenance checks for the first 2-years.


A selection of Conservatories from our works gallery.

Leave no stone unturned when buying a conservatory

You should relish the conservatory buying experience as it’s a process that most people find hugely rewarding and enjoyable.

Even more so when they deal with a company like Pinnacle, who know what they’re talking about in every aspect when it comes to conservatories.

Our sale and design consultants are fantastically knowledgeable and will do everything that can to assist in your buying pursuits. 

We will pay a visit to your home to assess where the conservatory is best positioned as it will determine at which times of the day it attracts the most light and warmth.

For instance, a conservatory facing in a north or easterly direction will gain most sunlight early in the day and get cooler as the day goes on, whilst latter day warmth is most likely in a southerly or westerly facing extension.

Anyone who buys a conservatory has their own individual incentive for doing so and we can accommodate virtually any request.

Some like to utilise it as an extension of their living room, some prefer to have it as a luxury dining area, and some plan to use it as office space.

We can design the conservatory so that it functions in accordance with your requirements by crafting a custom-made solution that works.

Failing to properly accessorise the conservatory could have a detrimental effect on the entire structure’s functionality.

There are countless accessories you might want to have included in the final quote such as fans and heaters for when the summer months arrive.

We will advise you of anything else you might need.


Planning permission and building regulations

More often than not, a conservatory won’t be subject to planning permission or building regulations but if it is required before building can get underway then you can leave it to Pinnacle to get in touch with your local authority.

Our Planning Guide will put you more in the loop about this topic – visit our helpful guides for further information. Expect a hitch-free, stress-free undertaking from start to finish.


A full guarantee for total peace of mind

Buying a conservatory is one of the biggest financial commitments you ever make so you need to be certain that is anything ever goes wrong with it that you are properly covered by the guarantee supplied.

Within our guarantee you will note that on occasion some small remedial adjustments may have to be made to ensure the lifespan of the conservatory so please read it thoroughly beforehand.


Traditional and contemporary frames have subtle  differences.

What makes one frame different from the next are the many dimensions and contours that feature in the detailing so it pays to analyse all the framing options available to ensure you make a better-informed buying decision. It’s worth bearing in mind too that each frame can be specially moulded and shaped however you like so there’s much to contemplate.


Traditional UPVC offers low maintenance…

UPVC has a presence in most contemporary households due to its many attributes which include superb energy efficiency, outstanding durability and a weather-proof exterior. The fact that it is so good at driving down the cost of fuel bills tends to lure the majority of people to UPVC over other building materials as the cost of gas continues to rise at a rapid rate.

Aluminium offers more glass and less frame…

Aluminium manufactured home improvements have really started to take off and it’s easy to understand why when you consider that it is one of earth’s toughest materials. Despite its undoubted robustness, the aluminium profile can be shaped into the slimmest of sightlines enabling large amounts of glass to be inserted into the final frame. This means whether you purchase aluminium windows or doors, you can expect an abundance of natural light to flood through the glass.


The right doors will add another dimension to your extension

Once you become accustomed to a conservatory you will have a reluctance to leave its lavish surrounds. But sometimes the pull of the sunshine can prove too much and you may get the urge to spend some time outdoors. So that you can conveniently switch between conservatory and garden living, why not have a door integrated into the completed design.

To give your conservatory that all-important ‘wow’ factor…

Check out the state-of-the-art Bi-Folding Door, the perfect addition to a contemporary home extension. Operational via a folding mechanism, as opposed to a conventional door opening, the way they effortlessly glide along the runners is almost as pleasurable as they are on the eyes. There’s no finer looking dividing line between the indoor and outdoor environments.

Patio Door are the sliding solution to gaining access to your garden…

In the majority of cases, investment in a conservatory is all about adding extra useable floor space and you can seemingly increase spaciousness further by choosing to incorporate a set of Patio Doors into an available aperture. Whether in an open or closed position you can admire the view from a whole new perspective.

French doors are a popular choice for most conservatories…

French Doors are renowned for their double opening which is an invaluable feature for anyone seeking to thoroughly ventilate their home extension and bring it that bit closer to the garden. Left in the open position, you will relish being able to sit within the surrounds of the conservatory whilst benefiting from the fresh air that circulates its way the entire structure. As an alternative, why not utilise them as a way of sealing off your conservatory from the main dining area.


Every conservatory depends upon a high performing roof.

One standard roof option isn’t enough. We have a range of roof options which will all seal off your conservatory and help keep the space energy efficient and its comfort. They can also limit the amount of eternal noise giving you the private living space you deserve.

Polycarbonate roofs have long been a popular choice…

There are millions of conservatories around the in the UK fitted with a polycarbonate roof as it is proven at eliminating heat loss and maintaining a cosy internal temperature. It comes in sheets of 25mm and 35mm, and will shield your home extension from any form of weather. To further increase thermal efficiency and protect the conservatory from unwanted glare, we suggest the inclusion of optional foil inserts with your clear, bronze or opal coloured polycarbonate roof.

You just can’t go wrong with a clear glass roof.

So that you can see everything that’s going on around you when inside your new conservatory, including above your head, we recommend a glass conservatory roof covering. You won’t miss a thing, and when rain, sleet or hail strikes, expect to hear very little of it as it is superb when it comes to restricting the sound levels. To enhance solar control, ask for the glass is tinted and so you never have to clean the it choose to have self-cleaning glass included which will keep it spotless.

A tiled roof conservatory is something that no other roof can match…

Because a little bit of natural sunlight will be lost as a consequence of fitting a solid roof it means that you can enjoy greater privacy inside your conservatory. That privacy will still remain intact when integrated spotlights and roof windows are fitted even though they will draw back in some of that lost sunlight. Your chosen solid roof should also be selected on the basis of whether it suits the existing windows and doors so that everything looks uniform.


So many options when it comes to colour.

Choosing a coloured finish for your conservatory is something you should take your time deciding upon as you want the final finish to be complementary to any existing windows and doors you have installed. It won’t be an easy decision, purely because there are so many colour choices on offer including cream, grey, green and light oak, with each finish guaranteed to have a definitive effect on the structure’s overall look. For a true classic you can’t go wrong with a traditional white conservatory.

The coloured conservatory you always wanted is here…

Buying a conservatory takes care and consideration as it’s vitally important that you settle upon a design that fits the existing appearance of your home and only adds to it rather than hinders it. Choosing the correct colour is key. Luckily enough, Pinnacle is able to offer you a huge assortment of colours including green, cream, black, grey and light oak , amongst many other sparkling shades.

There’s no doubt that a traditional white conservatory remains the favoured option of most people, but those seeking something a little bit different should easily find something that has the distinctiveness they crave.

A virtual rainbow of colour…

An 11-stage powder coating process is followed before the application of finish to our aluminium frames. Some may have a liking for a look that closely resembles traditional timber and who could blame them? If that’s the case then they’ll be attracted to our woodgrain finishes which result in Walnut, Rosewood and Oak effects that look just like real wood.

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